Sun catcher fun

So this is another super fun and easy craft you can do with your kids. You will need some plastic lids like off a cake icing container, food coloring, regular school glue or colored school glue or mod podge and a toothpick. Here are the lids we used. For two of them we used the... Continue Reading →

Growing Crystals Two Ways

I am always looking for fun, easy and non explosive experiments for my son to do as part of his homeschool curriculum. This is one of the one I stumbled across on Facebook. Let’s start with the Epsom salt crystals. So, gather your stuff and lets get started!! So one cup boiling water mixed with... Continue Reading →

Having courage

How many of us can honestly say we have the courage to be disliked? I can. In fact in my 37 years here I have gotten really good at it. Being disliked that is. I have strong opinions on a variety of subjects and I have never been one to hold back when talking about... Continue Reading →

Saying YES to life

Recently I was asked to do a live interview about Margaritas and Camouflage at a local bookstore. I was so very excited about that opportunity I told everyone I could think of. Then the world shut down. Here in Mississippi we are under stay at home orders unless it is for needed supplies or doctor... Continue Reading →

Coffee kinda morning

Good morning. So if you know me at all you know how deep my love of all things coffee runs. Like Grand Canyon deep. So I thought just for a fun blog I would show y’all how I make my cold-brew coffee. I know its not my normal blog, but it will be fun. I... Continue Reading →

You can control yourself

Fucking Hell. Yeah that I how I am going to start this bog. I know y’all are feeling me on this. It’s been a horrible few weeks for everyone. Everyday has been more bad news, death, new cases and stores out of stuff. It’s part of our everyday now. Our new normal if you will.... Continue Reading →

Yesterday was a challenge

Last night my son broke down. All the news, change in day to day stuff, not getting out and just constant worry finally won. It broke my heart to see all the confusion and pain in his. See, my kid is a better person than me. He feels for others and wants to do good... Continue Reading →

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