Fireworks in a jar and weather in a jar

This is a cute experiment for the younger kids in the house or just the young at heart.

First off you need two clear jars or cups, some oil, shaving cream and food coloring.

Fill both jars with some water.

In one jar place some oil. In the other top the water with shaving cream.

In the jar with oil and water slowly drop different colors of food coloring in. The oil will catch the food coloring to start.

If you look closely at the top of the jar you can see the beads of color in the oil layer.

As the color slowly works its way into the water it creates the “firework” effect.

The next jar deals more with the weather concept. The shaving cream acts like clouds. The food coloring is applied to act like moisture in the clouds.

So take your jar with the shaving cream and add lots of food coloring to it.

Notice how the food coloring will work its way down into the shaving cream but not come all the way through just yet.

When the shaving cream is saturated with the color it will “rain” down into the jar.

Both of these are very simple but fun for the kids.

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