Not an artist

I am not an artist in the painting sense. I couldn’t paint you a straight line to save my life.

But I love to paint.

So many times in life people want perfection from themselves instantly.

It’s like we have lost the ability to give ourselves the permission to suck at a certain thing till we get better. We feel that we should be able to do something one time and have the perfect result that we can show everyone else.

I, however want to see your process. I want to see you fail and make mistakes. I want to cheer you on and make jokes with you. I want to see your human side. I like the mess and the process of learning something new to me.

Take painting for instance.

I was raised around some amazing artists. My Great Grandmother, my Aunt and my cousin are wonderful. My aunt even does pottery. She has a whole set up for her art.

Growing up around them I knew I would never old a candle to them in that way and I am fine with that.

My true art is with a camera. I have worked with and improved myself in that realm of art and I am excited to see where I take it next.

Does this mean I give up painting?

Heck no!! Painting makes me happy. It gives me an outlet that my camera can’t. It feeds my creative side and lets me have a different voice than my pictures.

And here is where we need to give ourselves permission to suck at something yet still have fun with it.

If it makes you smile. If it gives your spirit a boost. If you really want to do something I say go for it.

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