Doing it scared

See this picture?

This is me being scared.

How is this me being scared you ask?

Because this shirt is about my blog. My brand if you will. And my brand is me. Everything from this blog to Facebook to Instagram to YouTube is me. This whole idea was built on showing real life things. Not just the pretty and perfect sides of me but ALL of me. This blog is my ideas, thoughts, opinions and feelings. All out there for everyone to see and comment on.

By making this shirt and putting my brand on it I am asking more people to check it out. I am growing a community of people who are not afraid to show the messy side of their lives.

This isn’t a place for the perfect Instagram picture of the perfect house with the perfect kids. Nope! This is a place to show your messes and find a kindred spirit because I feel we can all learn from the messes we see others make.

To me this is more than a shirt.

It’s me really putting my brand out there and with that comes putting myself out there.

It scares me but I’m going to do it anyway.

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