Watercolor painting

In our house we love art. We love getting dirty in a project and seeing where it takes us. So when I came across a neat watercolor project I was like lets do it!!

First you will need: watercolor paper, kitchen sponges, rubber bands and cardboard big enough for your paper to fit on.

We used 3 colors for our paintings. I put them in bigger dishes because you will be putting a piece of a sponge in with it for painting with. Feel free to use as may colors as you want.

Take your paper and place it on the cardboard. We did it folded over because our cardboard refused to stay straight with the rubber bands on it. Then you take your rubber bands and make a pattern with them. Place the so the stretch over the paper. See mine above?

Cut up a clean kitchen sponge into however many pieces you need. I needed 3 this time around. Drop one piece per color.

Get to painting!! The colors will mix and blend as you go. Where the rubber bands are across your paper will stay white. We did one side then flipped it over and did the other.

Let dry on the cardboard. Ours took around 4 hours to fully dry.

When its dry remove the rubber bands and enjoy your masterpiece!!

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