Sun catcher fun

So this is another super fun and easy craft you can do with your kids. You will need some plastic lids like off a cake icing container, food coloring, regular school glue or colored school glue or mod podge and a toothpick.

Here are the lids we used.

For two of them we used the mod podge with red and blue food coloring.

Take a bit of the glue or mod podge and spread it out inside the lids. You are using. The lids act like a mold for your sun catchers.

Then add a few drops of food coloring. The coloring will spread out as the glue drys so its best to do just a few drops. If you use to much color it will all bleed together and make a very dark color.

Take your toothpick and swirl the colors together. Make shapes and patterns if you want.

Put them out of the way to dry. Drying time is around 24 to 48 hours.

When they are dry simply peel them out of the plastic lid. I then used a hole punch and some string to hang ours up.

We also did two using the colored school glue instead of food coloring. Same steps as before except we put a mixture of the two colors together and used the toothpick from there. Then let it dry the same amount of time as the others.

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