Growing Crystals Two Ways

I am always looking for fun, easy and non explosive experiments for my son to do as part of his homeschool curriculum. This is one of the one I stumbled across on Facebook.

Let’s start with the Epsom salt crystals. So, gather your stuff and lets get started!!

So one cup boiling water mixed with one cup salt. You need your color beside whatever container you are going to grow your crystals in. I just used some simple plastic containers.

Place a few drops of color into the hot water/salt mixture and give it a stir.

Place the water in whatever container you are growing it in and put it in the fridge overnight.

Check it out in the morning!

Just like the last crystals start by gathering your stuff you need.

Boil your 2 cups of water and add to your measuring cup. Then add your 1/2 cup of Borax. If you need help finding Borax its in the laundry section of walmart.

I choose to lay out pipe cleaners down in the bowl instead of tying them up. I did this because our container was so tall it would have taken a ton of water/ borax mixture to cover them both.

Have your lovely assistant stir the mixture of water and borax. At this point you can add in your color. He chose red for this round.

Cover your pipe cleaners with the mixture and place it in a safe spot. Ours was placed on a chest freezer out of the way. Wait till morning to check it.

So now we have waited till the next day lets check out what they both look like. Remember for us the blue is the Epson salt crystals and the red is the borax.

As you can see the crystals you get are completely different. The Epson salt ones are longer and thinner. The borax ones are more square.

This is a closer view of the Epson salt crystals

Closer view of the Borax crystals

The goal of this experiment is to get your kids noticing differences in the shape and structure of crystals. Also how you use the same base (hot water) but when you add different agents to the base you get different results.

Have fun!!

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