Having courage

How many of us can honestly say we have the courage to be disliked?

I can.

In fact in my 37 years here I have gotten really good at it. Being disliked that is.

I have strong opinions on a variety of subjects and I have never been one to hold back when talking about most anything. Now let me honest here, I can hold back my feelings when the need calls for it and I like a good discussion with someone who has a different view than I do. I like hearing how someone else thinks on a subject.

But I am never afraid of their dislike.

Somethings I like: guns, tattoos, beer, art, music, books, sex, chocolate. Did I mention beer? Now in that list I am sure someone could find a reason to dislike me. Just based on the list, not ever talking to me. These are the people that will dislike you just because.

But I am not afraid of their dislike.

Somethings I hate: animal abuse, child abuse, blues music, hipsters, tiny plates of pretty food. I am sure someone will not like me based on something in this list.

But I am not afraid of their dislike.

See the picture above? The words are actually something that Luna Lovegood says to Harry Potter.

Yes, I am a nerd.

They may be words from a fictional story but I love them. They are so true. Why would you want to be anyone but yourself? Who would you even be? At that point are you not just plying a part instead of living your life?

I am more afraid of not being true to myself than I am of anyone’s dislike.

To me when you are true to yourself you are doing a good for the world. You are not hiding who you are and you never know when someone needs to see the real you. I always think about this fact: when I am true to me I may be helping someone else find the courage to be true to themselves.

I am not afraid the dislike. I am more afraid that there are people out there who feel like they can’t be themselves.

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