Saying YES to life

Recently I was asked to do a live interview about Margaritas and Camouflage at a local bookstore. I was so very excited about that opportunity I told everyone I could think of.

Then the world shut down.

Here in Mississippi we are under stay at home orders unless it is for needed supplies or doctor visits or an emergency. This meant no interview for me.


One part of the interview we were going to talk about books. I am a huge reader! I can go through 4 books a week if not more. However, she asked me in some per-interview questions, what book had really stuck with me. Now that was a hard question for me because I love so many books but all the same I had to pick one. So I went back over the books I had downloaded on my phone and began to think about each one carefully. Now I have read some amazing books over the years but one just stood out in my mind over the others recently.

This book is the one I was going to talk about in the interview. It hit me on all levels of humor, family, living, death, dignity and just being happy.

It’s all about one family that was handed the proverbial sack of lemons all in one weeks time. However in the book they give the lemons their due but don’t dwell on them. Which when you read what the lemons are you will be astounded like I was. Most people would have given up, curled up and let it be over. Not this family!! They said lets go experience life for as long as we can. Let’s go see what kind of adventures we can have and who we can meet. They did this as a family in a class A motor home.

Who does that???

Who has the balls to look at a short time period they have left and say let’s not leave this life unfinished? We should all be this brave in our own lives right now. No waiting till we are given an expiration date. We should all take a lesson from this brave family who decided that life was going to be a big long YES till it physically couldn’t be anymore.

I know that in todays climate we all just can’t get up and go out like we could a month ago but that is okay. Why not take this time and figure out where you really want to go.

Make a list!

Hell make a full blown plan. I am working on mine right now. I literally have a note on my iPad about where I want to go when this crap is over. Some are just weekend plans. Some overnight trips. But I have a list that I want to start making off as soon as we can.

Because why not start saying yes?

Not only was this book good for the heart it was good for the mind. See at the time I was rereading it we had a big health scare with my Dad. He is fine now but it still makes you think about all the what ifs in life. This family had the guts to say screw the what ifs and lets just do. I hope I have the same guts one day if it comes down to it. I would rather have the gift of a year of memories than a year of nothing.

Because lets face it, when we get down to it what we really leave is memories with people.

So why not make them amazing ones?

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