Coffee kinda morning

Good morning. So if you know me at all you know how deep my love of all things coffee runs. Like Grand Canyon deep. So I thought just for a fun blog I would show y’all how I make my cold-brew coffee. I know its not my normal blog, but it will be fun.

I start off with any ground coffee and a mason jar. I fill the jar 1/4 full of the ground coffee.

Next fill the jar with water. You want to take it slow here because the grounds will clump together and the water will push them out the top if you add it to fast. So slower is better.

So your coffee will look like this when you are done adding the water. Not to worry. Give it a good shake after you put the lid on and the grounds will mix into the water better.

See? All mixed up!

I place my cold-brew in the fridge for at least 24 if not 48 hours. I find it gives it better depth and flavor if I do it this way.

My set up for straining my coffee is super sophisticated. NOT!! It’s literally a tea strainer from Walmart, a coffee filter and something to prop the handle of the strainer up with. That’s it! Super simple.

Give your coffee a shake before you start to pour it! Then go slow and don’t dump all the grounds into the filter. There will be a bunch of them at the bottom of your jar. Put them in your compost heap or throw them away.

Let your coffee drip through the filter. This takes a few minutes. Then add sweetener, flavor or whatever you like in your coffee!!


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