You can control yourself

Fucking Hell.

Yeah that I how I am going to start this bog. I know y’all are feeling me on this. It’s been a horrible few weeks for everyone. Everyday has been more bad news, death, new cases and stores out of stuff. It’s part of our everyday now. Our new normal if you will. It sucks big balls for sure. I really feel for our kids because their world is upside down for sure.

So what do we do about it?

Well, the short answer is we can’t do anything about it right now, but we can show our kids how to handle the bad.

We can show them how to stand back up from the horrible things. We can show them what resilience looks like everyday. We can let them watch us struggle and figure out problems. We can show them that emotions are okay. That even as adults we don’t have the world figured out but we can control how we react to external factors.

One day they are going to need the same skills we are working on right now. One day our kids will be in a very stressful situation. Let’s all give them a solid base now so they can handle whatever life hands them later.

As adults we hate to show weakness to our kids but I say at this point in time they need to see the weakness. They need to see us fail at stuff and get upset and be scared. They need to watch us control our fear and embrace it.

They will be better off for it.

We will be better off for it.

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