Yesterday was a challenge

Last night my son broke down. All the news, change in day to day stuff, not getting out and just constant worry finally won. It broke my heart to see all the confusion and pain in his.

See, my kid is a better person than me. He feels for others and wants to do good by everyone. I’m more of a help yourself kinda person except when it comes to the very old and very young. He always wants to help. No task is to big or small as long as he can help in someway he is happy. So when he sees all the pain and confusion going on everyday he wants to help! We have explained to him just the actions of staying home and away from people is a huge help. That way we are not passing the disease around to someone who might not be able to fight it off. That by staying away from his grandparents we are helping them stay healthy and safe.

Everyday my husband and I are working to keep a sense of normal in the house. We both make a very conscious effort to get outside and take a walk while our son rides his bike. We know that when all this is over and things have returned to normal then our boy will sleep easy. Till then it is our job to help him understand and work through anything that comes up.

Stay safe out there, everyone.

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