I have skills but I want new ones

What new skills have you wanted to learn but just never have?

Mine is learning how to fly a plane.

I know start small why don’t I? This dream right here dates back to high school. A friend of mine was on the last bit of getting his pilots licenses so he would take us up all the time. The night flights were my favorite and I wish I had been into photography then like I am now. The shots would have been amazing with the coast lit up and then the stars over the Gulf. If I had told my parents back then I am pretty sure they would have made it happen but there was so much else going on I pushed it to the back of my mind and that is where it has stayed.

Till now.

Now I find myself at 36 about to be 37 in twenty days and I want to learn how to fly a plane.

I also feel the need to play A Whole New World from Aladdin as I take off the first time.

So, what is your new skill you want to learn?

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