What would change about your past?

What would you change about your past if you could?

I would change my outlook on things. I would take way more chances and tell a few more people to fuck off sooner rather than later. I would understand that not everyone is a friend because they like me but because they want something.  

I would love myself with such fierceness that no one could break me down. I would love her for what she could do and not punish her for food. I would revel in how amazingly strong she is. I would pick better food to nourish her and I would learn to shut out all the voices that say I should look a certain way.

I would follow my dreams without anyone getting in my way. I would realize that when you are living someone else’s dreams you set yourself up for failure no matter how hard you work.

I would love my grandparents with a deeper understanding they will be gone sooner than I am ready to let them go. I would write down all their stories and wisdom. I would record them when I could so I could always hear their voice.

It seems like a lot I would change right?

Here is the best part of this though. I am still able to change. I can make the changes I would have back then and do them now.

So, how would you change your past?

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