Dinosaurs at the Exploreum

This past week we got to experience the feeling of going back in time.

Boychild and I drove over to Mobile, AL. Now this town has so much to offer for a homeschool family or really any family but our favorite place in the Exploreum.

If you have never been you should look them up on Facebook. They are amazing. Lots of hands on experiments for the kids to do and all sorts of traveling exhibits. The traveling exhibits change so we always have something new to look forward to. They also house an Imax theater that plays different movies over the course of the year.

This time around the traveling exhibit was about the dinosaurs of Pangea. Pangea was a supercontinent that existed during the late Paleozoic and early Mesozoic eras. it begain to break apart 175 million years ago.

Not only was this exhibit very well done but it was very informative. (I will say I was more excited about that fact than the kid was.) He was more inthralled with the giant dinosaur modles that make noise and move.

Can’t say I blame him it was pretty freaking awesome.

The exhibit is running from now till May 10, 2020 and I highly recommend taking the whole family to experence it. Well worth your time and money to check it out.  Be ready to stay a few hours though. The kids always find friends to play with and experiments to do!

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