50 things that make me smile

  1. The smell of books. Any and all books.
  2. Old  buildings that have history
  3. Tacos (what?? They don’t make you smile? I call bullshit)
  4. When my kid gets an “idea”. It’s usually going to be good.
  5. Live music
  6. Taking pictures
  7. New pens in different colors
  8. Learning
  9. New places and people
  10. Well-loved kitchen tables and all the problem solving that goes on there
  11. The beach
  12. The mountains
  13. The West
  14. New sandals
  15. Sorts that fit my thighs. Hey, you ride horses and see how small your thighs are
  16. Cozy blankets
  17. Fuzzy rugs
  18. New guns
  19. Long hikes
  20. Old oak trees
  21. New cell phones
  22. Living history
  23. Coffee with friends
  24. Long drives
  25. Finding stuff I thought was lost
  26. Early mornings
  27. Late nights
  28. Patios lit up with lights
  29. Porch swings
  30. Long talks
  31. Horses
  32. Dogs
  33. Pasta
  34. Figuring out life by talking to my parents
  35. Summer days
  36. Drinks by the pool
  37. Proving people wrong
  38. Doing something someone said I couldn’t
  39. Drinks poolside
  40. New pool floats
  41. Long summer days with nothing to do
  42. Laying out in the sun
  43. Catching a wave on the body board
  44. Finding shells
  45. Making wishes come true
  46. Cake on a random Tuesday
  47. Making my kid smile
  48. Doing something nice for someone because I can
  49. Helping in my community
  50. The joy and wonder of my son
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