How do you know you are loved?

I never have really thought about it in the context of how I knew I was loved because I have always had it surround me. My parents are some of the most open and honest people you will ever meet. They live out loud and are not afraid to show love. I never questioned if I was loved. When you are loved so fierce like that it makes you feel like you can do anything. Take on any challenge that comes your way because you always have people who will back you up. That level of security is something I wish for everyone.

There was a time I didn’t have that level of security in my life from the person who should have given it to me. I was married once before and he was not on my side at any point in our short marriage. It left me broken and questioning everything!!! What a horrible way to feel!! I made a deal with myself then, I would never be with someone whose love I had to wonder if it was there. I wanted to full on, live out loud, and never make you question LOVE.

I found that with my now husband. We have been married for 12 years now and I have never once questioned if he loved me.

That, my friends, is what it is all about.

Surrounding yourself with people that love you so much you never question if they do.  

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