Bucket List

What is on your bucket list?

Do you even have a bucket list?

I do and have for a while now. I have always liked the idea of writing down what I wanted to do. It always makes it feel more real to me. In 2018 a friend and I started to check off new experiences and bucket list adventures off. It was so much fun and I can’t wait to start on it again. What got me thinking about this again is this stupid medical shit I have going on. As you are trying to find out what is wrong with you several things will swim around in your head. One of them will be what if I die from this. I know, super happy thought but there it is. I have a 7 year old son and I have so much to show him. This made me go back and revisit my bucket list. I took some stuff off and added some stuff that I wanted to share with him.

  1. Show him the Grand Canyon
  2. Show him Zion and Bryce
  3. Show him Yellowstone
  4. Alaska

I have been to all of these before but the beauty of all the places is amazing and I want to watch him experience it for the first time.  

Now I don’t think whatever is going on will kill me but we are all running on a clock that will run out at some point. So why the hell are we wasting time?? We only get a certain amount of time to really live life and show someone how amazing this world is.

Now I know that most people can’t just up and quit their jobs and run away but I know most people could put more effort into living.  Just getting out to new places on a weekend and letting yourself get lost somewhere is a start. Find something you are interested in and go find it! I promise your TV shows will still be there when you get back.

It’s more than just having fun for you though. I want my bucket list to make others happy. Mine isn’t just about where I can go it’s also about how I can help others, what can I learn, and what I can teach others. Because in the end it’s about the mark you leave and the memories others have of you that count. So get up and make some happy memories for you and your family.  

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