You are only responsible for your happiness

I feel a a woman I really get wrapped up with this concept. It’s like society as a whole went if you have boobs you are now responsible for everyone else being happy. That’s just how it is. Deal with it. Yeah… I’m going to call bullshit on this one.

Now take a pause with me here. When I say you are not responsible for other peoples happiness I am talking about the way they see and react to the world and I am mainly talking about more grown up people. You, as a person, are not responsible for how your partner sees and reacts to the day to day world.

It is not your job to find their joy for them.

Read that line again.

Everyday we all deal with life. I don’t care if you go into an office or stay at home. Everyday there is something to deal with . However, it is all up to you on how you react to the situation. It’s also all on you how you let it impact the rest of your day. Notice the copious use of the word “you” in there? That was on purpose.

Honesty is the final goal here. To be able to take a good look at ourselves and be honest with our happiness. It’s harder than you think but to finally get happy with the world we need to get honest with ourselves. When we can have an open conversation with ourselves we can start figuring out better ways to react to the world around us. This helps in our overall happiness and feeling of control we all like to have in our lives.

Just remember you are not responsible for anyone else’s happiness but you can show them the way.

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