Have a little faith in me

Dear Self,

I need to ask your forgiveness. Over the years I have been a horrible friend. All that time I tried to make you fit into my idea of perfection without lisiting to what you needed.

I constantly tried to fit you into the box that looked to most like everyone else. I should have listened when you whispered to me that you were better than that. I’m sorry it took so long for me to see that.

 I hear you now.

I want to be your friend again but a much better on than I was before. I want to learn how to really listen to you and how to ask what you need. I will no longer punish you for not looking like everyone else and I promise that I will understand you when you respond to your environment.

I will take you just as you are and celebrate that version.

I have no right to ask for forgiveness with all I have done to you over the years but I am.

So how about it Self?

Have a little faith in me?

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