There is a song on county radio called “Living”. It is basically saying that some days you are really killing it in life and some days you are just getting by. I think most of us can relate to this song on so many levels. Who among us has not had the day from Hell?? I HAVE!! Sit back and I will tell you a story.

When my son was first born my husband worked for someone else. He went to the office everyday and got plenty of adult interaction. I did not. I was home all the time with our son. (Now I am not complaining about that! Far from it. I am always grateful that I get to stay home if for no other reason could y’all see this mouth in an office environment??) See I had postpartum depression. Sometimes the simple act of getting out of bed was just all I could do. It was honestly one of the worst things I had to go through. I wanted to give up and give in so many times during those first few months but I kept digging. In those days I was just living. Just making it day to day. I am now more aware of all the good days that come my way.

Now don’t get me wrong, some days around here are just repeats of the day before and some days get so crazy I want to drink wine by noon. However I now have even more confidence in my internal strength and I know I can take it. And again, wine doesn’t hurt either. The days that present us with something cool are taken in with more appreciation.

And that is the goal right? To really be present in our own lives. Not to compare ourselves with everyone else out there but to look at what we are given on the daily and really take it all in. It’s hard to do that everyday and I know that but we should always try before we need some huge reminder that life is amazing. So how are you going to be present in your life today?

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