Don’t call me just pretty

Show of hands!! Who here has seen the saying ” Tell me I’m pretty and feed me” ? I have and I have laughed at it before till I really started thinking about it. Now I hate to see anyone post shit like that. How about ” Call me a badass” or ” Call me pretty strong”. It seems like that no matter how much we prove to society that we can like pink and run a billion dollar business they never believe us. And it is frustrating as shit.

So how do we change it? Start changing our own thinking on how we react to women. Teach our kids that just because some one has boobs doesn’t mean that they are less than. This goes for our boys and girls we are bringing up. While we are at it how about getting the boys in the kitchen and loose the stigma around the basic household chores. Let’s make it less about a ” Woman’s work” and more about a team effort on getting it done.

If you follow me on Instagram or on Facebook you know I am raising a boy. So right here, right now here is a pledge to any future roommates/girlfriends/spouse : He will enter you life knowing how to cook, do laundry and clean up after himself. He will know how to vacuum and fix basic household problems. Why will he know all this? Because everyone should.

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