Mom Guilt

Y’all this week the mom guilt is alive and well here. I know that it is a stupid thing and normally I have no place for it but this past few weeks has been different. I have been dealing with the illness that we are still trying to figure out and with that has come tiredness. Such a deep bone down tired feeling that I cant even get up from my chair. That feeling has effected everything around me. Laundry, dishes, cooking all of it. My husband has been amazing this whole time. Not once has he said anything about stuff backing up at the house. Not. One. Word. And that has been gold to me because of the way I am already feeling.

I feel like I am slipping as a wife. Before all of this really got started I was active and I was happy and ready to do anything. Now putting on sweatpants and walking out the door is hard and it sucks balls. I fully believe that I came back from our last little trip away sick because my body is fighting me. I was gone for 2 days and it took me to the ER. That is crazy!! It is snowing in Crested Butte, CO right now. Why is this important you ask. I really want to go play in the snow but I don’t want to end up sick again. So frustrating!!

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