Sick and tired

I have a bone to pick with the medical community these days. Y’all may or may not know about the stuff I have been dealing with lately. Settle in kids and I will tell you my tail.

Around the first part of March this year I noticed some swelling in the top of my rib cage on my right side. Now it was slight but it was there. This was around the time we lost my father in law so honestly I let it slip to the back of my mind. We had other stuff we were dealing with at the time. Fast forward a few months and the swelling has gotten worse and now there is pain happening. I go to my regular doctor and she is like its your gallbladder let me know when you want it out. She tries twice to order a scan but our amazing insurance rejects it. Twice.

A word on that. We work for ourselves so we pay for our own insurance. It is expensive as fuck every damn month. If a doctor wants to run a test because a patient is in pain then fucking let her!!

So jump ahead till 3 weeks ago. I finally have so much pain and swelling that the doctor orders an ultrasound of my right side. It is miraculously approved by insurance so I go in to have it done. I wait to hear results that the doctor had in her hands that afternoon. Nothing. My husband has an appointment with her the next day. She finally pulls up the test results, gives them a once over and tells HIM about it. Nothing to report. All looks normal. She never calls me to talk about anything only she will see me on the 22ed for our next appointment.

Rather than make a new plan she just writes me off. But my swelling, pain, nausea, weight loss, tiredness,and weak limbs are coming from something!!

Last week I took my son to Atlanta to meet up with his Grandma. If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook I am sure you have seen all the pictures. We came home on Thursday and by Friday I was so sick I ended up in the ER. The right side of my throat was swollen big time and my heart rate was way up. So off to a room and an EKG which was high but not way out of line. Lots of blood taken and a doctor that basically looked at me for 2 minutes said I had strep without running a strep test, said my swelling was just fat, I needed to drop about 30 pounds and then shot me up with OXY BEFORE LETTING ME DRIVE MYSELF HOME. All the while his nurse is like its just like extra strength Tylenol. I then get pain pills in a bottle and a script for them. Y’all we have a problem here. I was diagnosed with strep and came away with a pharmacy!! And I hate strong pain killers but got injected with them anyway.

So here we are today. I am here at the trampoline park letting my son play while I can’t get comfortable on the seats here because of my side. I have no answers and my next time to talk to someone about this is 8 dates away. It’s like beat your head against a wall crazy at this point.

Here is to finding some answers in the coming days!

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