Religion and what it means to me part 3

You know where I feel most connected to my spiritual side? Out in the woods, in the ocean, and hanging out at the barn. Places I can be quiet and really focus on the natural rhythms of the world. I love watching animals and the passage of the sun across the sky. It’s in these times I can work out problems, I can breath deep and I can be thankful that I woke up that day.

I may not believe in a God but I have always felt a connection to the world around me. It has always be a fascination of mine to watch things grow and to appreciate what cam be gained from the natural world. I don’t need a book of stories to tell me how to live my life. I just do what is best for those around me, I stay humble and I try to be a good person.

Here is my main goals in life:

Raise my child to be a good person.

Be a good person

Show my love for people everyday

Live my life and find my happy

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