Religion and what it means to me part 2

Have you ever studied the roots of the Bible? Where it came from and how they decided what stories went into the book. It is a book many people follow all around this world so it seams to me that more people would want to know how it came to be. Even more so I want to see the stories that did not make it in. I want to see what the women who heard him speak had to say about their impressions of his word. What about the kids? Where they as impressed as the adults.

I wonder how we would take Jesus today. Would he have a huge following and would his message to the world have changed any. I’m pretty sure this day and age he would run into more disbelievers than he originally did. I for one would want proof and more in depth explanations on why things are. And I’m really going to need to see that water to wine thing.

So I guess this would be a great time to tell y’all that I am not a believer in God. I believe in souls and I am definitely spiritual but not religious. I think there may have been a great man who had some amazing ideas who was before his time and that is the stories we know. But organized religion does nothing for me. It has such a horrible past of being used for control and repression. People today will throw it at you without the deep understanding of the meaning of the words.

Do I think any less of people who go to church and follow the Bible? Absolutely not. I love talking to different people about religion and hearing all the different takes people have. You can read 3 different people the same passage in the Bible and come away with 3 different interpretations and non of them are wrong. That is the beauty of religion.

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