Religion and what it means to me part 1

I’m going to start this post with a disclaimer. This is all my opinion, my experience and my life. I would in no way tell anyone how they should live or worship. This is totally about how I see it.

I was not raised in a church. Now being from the Deep South that may surprise a lot of y’all but there it is. For my pre-K years I did attend the school at the First Baptist Church. My Aunt was the director so it was kinda a no brainer that I go there. I loved it there but religion was never pushed on us. Yes it was there but not in force. I went to Sunday church with my Aunt when I was growing up some but always looked at it from an outside view. It was never something I truly took in to my soul.

As I grew up my parents never pushed one religion or another. They were happy with me figuring it out for myself. They would answer questions if I had any but never said we are this denomination. They were always open to me attending the churches of my friends so I got to experience so many different religions in a relatively short period of time.

Religion as an overall concept has always fascinated me. It is something that has started wars and brought people together. It has been a tool for control and a way to celebrate life. It’s a concept that can not be discussed without someone taking offense yet everyone wants to tell you how you are doing wrong according to the Bible. I told my friends I wanted to do a podcast on religion and I seriously felt the intake of air from everyone. And we were talking over group chat. Now granted they really know me so it was a fair response to me saying something like that. But I honestly want to take it from the angle of how religion has shaped everyone and the way they now raise their families.

If anyone else wants to get in on the podcast please get in touch with me on Facebook, Instagram or here. I will send you the questions I would like you to answer.

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