My time to shine

Where is it written that a woman must fade into the background when she becomes a wife or mother? Really, I want to know!! When was this decided and what asshole decided it was the right thing to do? I see it over and over again that a woman gets married and now she is so and so’s wife. Or she has kids and she is now Ryan’s mom. It’s like we have to fight back up a hill to be recognized for the things we do. Even our spouses do it sometimes. They write off the things that make us special because it’s not their thing too.

Sometimes I feel the need to reintroduce myself to people when I get introduced as someone’s mom. Like, yeah I may be his mom but I’m also this really cool blog owner, podcast owner, accomplished equestrian, wicked good photographer and downright badass. Have you ever been having a conversation with someone and they totally surprise you with some of the cool stuff they have done in their lives? I have. I always feel the need to apologize to the person and be like I totally underestimated your coolness factor by 1000.

We have all been there and we will be again but for today lets make a promise to each other. I will no longer draw conclusions about you until I really get to know what you are about. I will take the time to talk to you and really get to know you. The real you. Deal?

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