Not the way I pictured it in my head

In the year 2001 I had a lot of dreams rolling around in my mind. Now most of these dreams centered around college and what I was going to study. I had plans, people! Fast forward a few years and life along with bad decisions on my part had changed my plans drastically. Okay parents, here is free life advice for your kids. Please feel free to read this part out loud to them as a warning on how not to do your first year of college.



Write that one down kids!! I was 18 years old and could tell you all the good bars in downtown Oxford, MS. Fun fact there is a bar there called The Library. So when my Dad would see that charge on the credit card he would honestly think it was the library on campus. I kid y’all not!! BEST NAME FOR A BAR EVER!!

So after that I changed schools and found a much better fit for me. Now in finding this fit I had to change my major. I had to change everything I thought was going to happen in my life. It was one of the best thing that could have happened to me. I meet my best friend there. I had a job before I had even walked across the stage to graduate. I was able to work in an industry that offered upwards movement for anyone willing to put in the work.

My life turned out very different from that picture in my head and I am kinda glad it did. The trouble for me at first was to understand that sometimes things change and it can be a very good thing when they do. Once you embrace the changes amazing things can happen.

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