What is a #girlboss to you? When I see that term the first thing that comes to mind is a business woman killing it in her professional and personal life. Like getting it all handled and doing it with style. I picture someone that never gets rattled. She is the woman I would want beside me in a tragedy. By my own definition I am not a #girlboss. What?!?!? Well, I no longer work outside the home in a professional setting. I work for my husband when he needs help but I am not in the business world. So maybe it’s time to change the definition of a #girlboss.

I am friends with a lot of different women. All our lives look different but we are all killing it. See, from the outside looking in you would be quick to write off a few of us as “just” housewives but I’m going to need you to hold off on that for a second. Most of us are also helping our husbands in their businesses, homeschooling our kids, keeping the house up, keeping schedules and the 500 other things we do in a week. I have friends who are out there busting their butts in their chosen fields. They are killing it on the professional and home front. No matter if you work or you are at home full time I feel, if you are out there every day keeping it together for everyone you are a #girlboss.

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