Using Social Media More Intentionally

How do you use social media? Is it your newspaper? Your daily checkup of family? Now ask yourself this: How large a part does social media hold in your overall happiness? More and more of us are tying what makes us happy in real life to social media. I see it in kids and adults. People hide who they are and what is really going on in their lives behind screens and fake smiles. Now don’t get me wrong I have several social media accounts dedicated to Margaritas and Camouflage but I am never afraid to post when my day is just sucking. I try to be honest and open with my followers on what is happening in our daily life. Some days it’s the same old thing around here just like your house and I show that. Sometimes we stumble into something cool and I show that too. On my feeds I follow people who are living their lives like I am. I like to follow people who are at the top of their respective games. If you were to take apart my Instagram feed you would see I have a bunch of big named people in the hunting community that I follow. Why? Well for one I am a hunter but for another these people have figured out what the hunting community as a whole wants. For another they travel to some amazing places and I like the pictures they take.

Social media is present in just about everything we do these days. You see it everywhere you look!! It is a tool that when used right can reach a vast amount of people in a very short time frame. However I know more than one person who use it as a tool to showcase a life that really isn’t the one they are living. To me that is not a good thing. It’s one thing to not put your divorce or death of a family member out into the public till you yourself have processed it but to always pretend you are amazing and happy is a farce. No one is happy 24/7!! So if you can’t be honest with people online then I bet you 10 bucks you can’t be honest with people face to face either.

Now again I am not saying everything in your life needs to be put out there. Here is an example for you: If you go to my Instagram feed you will find in the last day I posted a picture of our trucks windshield with a HUGE chip in it. That is not a happy #blessed post. But its real life! We really had that happen to us the other day. It really is a pain in the ass. (On the plus side I know an amazing company that will come out and replace the windshield in our driveway.) It’s the good with the bad, people. Because we all experience it and if you are going to build a brand on social media than why not show it all?

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