Cry Standing Up

I am a strong person. I have been from an early age. I don’t let shit get me down or circumstances define me. I was cruising Facebook the other day and saw a post that had been shared around. I don’t remember the original poster but the story behind it was touching. She was talking about getting a tattoo and it said “Cry Standing Up”. Now the story went on that this is what her dad would say to her and her sister. Basically it’s okay to be sad and show emotion but do it on your feet. And I love this!! We all get down and sad over things in our life. How many times have you heard someone say to stop crying? Stop showing emotion. Like emotions are the enemy!! The real enemy is not letting people get out why they are mad, sad, and happy. We just want them to STOP. It is like so many people have no idea how to process their own emotions that we can’t process anyone else’s. That’s why I love this advice. Go ahead and show emotion!! But don’t let it bring you to the ground. Feel it and deal with it but never let it define you.

I cried over the rain yesterday.



We live on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi. It is wet here (that’s what she said) but this year has been horrible. My horses are in mud and water 6 inches deep. I am dealing with rats the size of small dogs in my barn because they have been flushed out of their homes. I am dealing with swollen legs and crumbling hooves and flies that love the mud. And yesterday was my breaking point with the frustration of it all. So I cried. And I did it standing up. Then I came up with a plan to treat what I could and how I can open gates to allow them a bit of dry ground to stand on. I will get through this and so will my horses but I needed that 10 minutes of break down so I could step back and solve some of my issues. Does this make me any less strong? No it sure doesn’t.

 Did it make me feel better? You bet your ass it did.

So cry if you need to, but do it standing up.

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  1. I cried at camp Sat. night. I had read last week that crying is your body’s natural response, so let it happen. MAN I DID. Someone helped me stretch my legs in a very painful way to try to ease some of the other pain in low back … Ha.

    When I was alone, I cried like a baby for about 10 minutes. Then I put on my big girl panties & went back outside to carry on. Ha.


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