Make your circle bigger

I read a blog post this morning about a mom who was always on the outside of the circle. You know what I am talking about. The groups that have known each other forever that stand around and talk in a circle and if they don’t know you or you don’t have an in with them then they will ignore you. I feel like we have all stood on both sides of this. I know I have.

 So this mom was like form a U so everyone can join.

 Bitches make your circle bigger!!

Story time, kids. Y’all ready?  About a year ago I took my son to our first playdate at a local indoor trampoline park. It was one I had seen on a local Facebook group and decided to join in. Now most of these people I had never met before. Like hardly any of them. However my child needs human interaction like he needs air so off we went.  We get there and omg there was a lot of people. So many homeschool families. My child was in heaven. I was not. (Thanks anxiety!!) However as he ran off to play for two hours I got to talking to the lady next to me. Then another joined in. Then another. Before long we were all sitting on the floor of the trampoline park in a huge circle talking about anything and everything. I made real friends and real connections that day.

See here is what is great about most women, we can talk to anyone about anything. It takes real effort to be a bitch. Read that again. Here is another fact: I will never have that much drive to put forth the effort required to be a real bitch to anyone. I just don’t have the want in me. If we ever have a disagreement I want to talk it over. If you take something wrong I want to make it right. If I am not your cup of whiskey that’s cool too. It takes nothing from you to be nice and make room in your circle for the new person. Sometimes that new person may turn out to be a best friend.

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