Letter from myself

Show of hands! Who has always wished that at 17/18 you could have gotten a letter from your future self? Let’s say this self is 30 at the time of writing said letter. Would you read it? Would you get rid of it without seeing where you were in life? I personally would rip that bitch open like it had the winning lotto numbers in it!! Because knowing me I would send myself something like that. What would you tell yourself?  

I would tell myself that I needed to be true to who I was. If people don’t like me then that is okay. My best friends are out there and they are amazing. I would say that it would be insane of me to listen to my parents on what to study in college. I need to do what made my heart catch fire. Because if you love what you are there to study I guarantee you will not blow off class. I would tell myself that it’s okay to take a break in between high school and college. Go work or travel or volunteer. See another side of the world that you haven’t before. It will help you later in life connect with people who come from different backgrounds than you do. I would tell myself that I deserve the best in love and not to give my love to anyone till I can fully give it to myself. I would say that sometimes you need to get lost in a passion project for a few days to recharge. That this habit will save your sanity when the world gets too loud and never let anyone make you feel bad about it. That you need to find out who you are inside and when you do it’s perfectly okay to grow and change as the years pass. Never stop learning. Knowledge isn’t just in books. It’s everywhere! Go experience life and make a mess. I would say that no one has the right to try and change you. Not your parents, teachers, boyfriend or husband. If they do they are in it for themselves and will never be a good partner in life.    

So what would you say to yourself?

Here is an idea. If you can be honest with yourself then write the letter. Make it out to your kids. Tell them where you fucked up. Be honest with them. Let them see it when they are about to leave you and head out into the world. Don’t wait till they are in their 20s to be open and honest with them about stuff you fucked up on. Let them see you as a human.

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