Fear has no place in my life or yours

Fear is an asshole. It’s a liar and it’s not worth your time. I know y’all have heard all of this before but it’s true. I did a podcast the other day on my 2018 project, 52 NEW EXPERENCES IN 52 WEEKS, and I will come right out and tell you that I was afraid before I started. I was afraid of not finishing. I was afraid of what people would think and the mom shaming that could go on because I was doing something for me. (You know it happens.) I was afraid that my husband would think I was crazy. Okay he would think I was crazier than I am now. I was full of fear!! Then I knocked off my first new experience on January 1, 2018. With that one jump (my first new experience was a polar bear plunge) I lost a small piece of fear.

Over the course of my life there has always been some fear of things. We all have a bit. However when the fear is stopping you from enjoying life and really getting out there it’s time to tell it where to go. In 2018 I let the last of my fear go and I am better for it. It may take some of y’all longer to release it and that is fine. In this instance it really is a you do you kinda situation. I understand that some of us out there have real fear of what could happen, what could be out there and for those I really hope that this post gives you a place to start. Baby steps can turn into a major step by the end of the year. I believe in all of y’all.

Just sitting back and thinking about it: the point of fear is?

I am not talking about your base fear. I always say it’s your lizard brain talking to you. The one that makes you sit up and take notice of what is around you because deep down your brain realized something was off with your environment.  I always pay attention to that fear because it has held on with us over millions of years and has more experience than I do. I am talking about the fear that says: OMG you are going to wear shorts with your “mom legs”.  


Why would you try out a new skill at “your age?”


You should really cover your ass at the beach. No one wants to see that.

Honest to fucking goodness just making that list I have the mean girl voice going in my head. Is that what you hear too? I bet most of us have at some point if not almost every day. This voice makes me mad now. I tell it real fast what it can do when it starts in my head and I encourage you to do the same. It has no place in my life. It serves absolutely no purpose at all. I hurt for the moms I know that hear this voice loud and clear. I want to hold their hand and tell them what badass bitches they are on the daily!!  

So, what fear do you want to overcome today? This week? This month? This year? I say start small however this is a you thing so start how you want. Call your friends or your mom. Tell then some goals you want for the next month. Post about it, journal about it or keep it to yourself. Just remember that there are people out there cheering for you that you may never know are doing so. But we are all proud of you.

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