Art is necessary

Think back to your school days. Like all the way back to grade school. Did you have a dedicated art class time? We did once a week. Now I am just going to lay this little nugget of information out there for you: I can’t draw for shit! It’s true. However I am an excellent photographer and I can do some art that involves pour art and string pulling art.

Now when I was in school we had music once a week and art once a week and I loved both. I wasn’t any good in art but the teacher made sure that we all progressed our skills no matter how basic they were. I came out of there with a love for paintings. As I got older I would seek out art and that love has never left me. I also play several instruments because I feel that music is a form of art. I have been surrounded by art my whole life. From my Great-Grandmother to my Aunt. Our family is a huge art supporter and I plan on keeping it that way.

See when you create something it gives you a little bit of this world to call your own. It’s your chance to leave a mark here so that others can see through your eyes for a second in time. I mean how wonderful is it that generations beyond you can look back on something you created and feel a connection to you? Take my Grandfather for example. He wasn’t a painter or anything like that. He was a photographer. Every time I look down the lens of my camera I am connecting with him in a small way.

Just about everyone reading this would agree that kids need art in their lives but I make the argument that adults do too. We need that time to create and feel and see the world a little different for a short time. Now your art that you create could be anything. A journal, paintings, poetry, songs anything that gets you out of your own head for a bit and helps quiet the voices that never seem to shut up. For a lot of adults I feel that personal creation is so overlooked that it is almost nonexistent.  Which is a trend that needs to be corrected and fast!!

Think about this: What if your kids witnessed you taking time out for yourself and saw you create a painting? In witnessing this they also see your eyes light up and an easy smile come to your face. They hear you sing along with the radio and laugh. They witness you happy.

Pull painting

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