Favorite quotes

This is one of my favorite quotes ever. It’s from the movie The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. It was their take on the Life motto which is actually worded a bit different but still in the same vain as this.

I love this quote because it basically tells you to get off your ass and go see what is out there. It is the ultimate go see what is around the corner way of thinking. As a whole it’s all about getting out and making connections with people. To go out and see what is behind the literal and figurative wall around us. Go somewhere new but also talk to someone new. Not just a basic weather kinda talk but a real get down to the soul kinda talk. When was the last time you have had one of those? I’m not just talking about with your girlfriends but with someone you may never have had too much to say to before. It’s actually been ages for me. I’m ready to have one again. Any volunteers??  I want to talk religion and news and gun control and gay marriage and abortion laws. All the stuff that polite society tells you not to talk about because you may offend someone. But what if doing so helps both of us see behind each other’s walls? What if it does draw us closer?

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  1. I think I offend people weekly every time I talk. Honestly not meaning to. My words often come out wrong & even when I get them right, they hear it wrong. Ha.

    I honestly haven’t tried to befriend women since Drew started K & 1st. It was a HUGE flop & I got my feelings hurt ALOT, by women I thought I was friends with.


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