Woman In The Woods

I have a bone to pick with the hunting community. I am a hunter who happens to have boobs. I am not someone afraid of breaking a nail or who needs pink on every article of clothing I own. I am also plus size!! I fucking know, it’s a shock to hunting clothing manufacturers, but us bigger girls get outdoors too. So why the fuck do I not have options when it comes to what I put on my body to head out to the deer stand?? And the smaller girls have just the same as us plus size girls. As a market we are a vast untapped resource and one day some person is going to make a shit ton of money off of us.  If I may offer this person some advice? Bigger sizes, loose the v neck on everything, can the pink anything and keep up with the latest camo trends.

I have been hunting for the past 11 years and even a little before that. In college I use to fox hunt off horses. When Kevin and I got together we hog hunted with dogs. It has always given me joy to watch dogs you helped into this world, do what they were meant to do.There is a thrill like no other in this world when you can pick out each individual bark in a pack of 15 dogs and know what the tone of it means. It’s a connection like non other out there and I would wish that everyone who was interested got to experience it.   
I got my first taste of elk hunting out west after I married Kevin and I can not wait for my own tag to fill out in New Mexico or Arizona.  I have hunted white tail deer and will always love it. Just sitting there and watching the world wake up around you is the best blessing short of my son. Here in the past few years we have gotten into thermal hog hunting. It’s such a fun way to get out into the woods as a family and spend time together. 
I know some would be shocked that we take our 7 year old out with us when we do hunt but how else is heto see the amazing things that are all around us. He can tell you tracks of different animals we come acrossand he is always asking questions. As he gets older it will be up to him if he wants to take a shot or not. I will not push him into something. Right now he gets a kick out of hanging with us and doing different hunts.
Now if the Outdoor Channel could please, for the love of the universe, stop portraying us as either bimbos or nags that would be great. I, like many people out there, get sucked into the story line that many shows now have. I love seeing the families that support the hunters we have all come to know. However I see so many wives get treated like nags. There was a show we were watching the other day that the wife was telling him he couldn’t hang his mount in the house. WTF? You seriously want me to believe this woman was like ” no heads in the house!”. Really? Then it was later portrayed that she would mount her own stag she killed in the house. So now you have her looking like a shrew and a narcissist. Awesome. Now lets take a look at the flip side. Take The Crush show. I love both the main people on this show. Their story is a true American dream that happened, but the woman is shown in the most ridiculous light! I get it, she is blond and bubbly and lets face it hot. However the second she starts getting “too smart” in what she says they will cut to her saying something so off the wall you know it was from a complete different conversation! It is so crazy that they do that. There are very few women who get a good light on TV and the ones that do have their husbands hunting with them and they guys get the screen time. Time to start making some changes, Outdoors TV.


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