Life list or a list for life

When you meet someone new what is the first thing they ask you? Most of the time it is : What do you do? Now they aren’t asking you what you do for fun. They are asking you : How do you define yourself in this world? It’s always been such a stupid question to me. Here is why, when someone asks you that question, depending on your answer they will place you into three categories. 

One is you are better/smarter/ more well-off than they are. 
Two is you are the same. 
Three is you are less than/ poor/ not worth the time. 
I know you are saying to yourself, I don’t do that! But I bet you do. It’s okay. We have been raised in a society that puts more value on ridiculous people doing stupid things than on people working to make our world better. Now it’s up to you to start rethinking how you think about life. 
Here is something else we all do. Have you ever been discussing a third party to someone who has never met them? You tend to run down a list: job, marital status, kids, where they live, rich or not. I hate these lists!! How about we talk about how amazing they are. What cool project they are working on. Something other than boxes we check to make other people feel like we have value. Because that’s what it all comes down to. How much value we place on certain categories. 
Here is how I am going to start looking at people. Do they treat others with respect? Do they want to talk about more than other people? Do they make me a better person? I want to surround myself with friends who want to talk books and ideas. People who are not afraid to challenge me when I need it. Someone who isn’t afraid to call me on my bullshit. Because in the end it is people and connections and conversations thatmake me happy.

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