Mommy needs a time out

Okay okay okay before y’all jump onto the bandwagon of “ omg you should love every minute with your kid! They are only young once” just hear me out. Mommy needs a fucking break. In our household my husband makes the money. He owns his own business and works out of an office in our home. I in turn do the household stuff and I homeschool our son. We chose to homeschool because of the freedom it gave us and the time it gave us to be a family. I love what I do but sometimes I need a few hours to myself!! I see the mom shaming that goes on. The Karen’s of the world on Facebook that tell you how lucky you are to be at home full time. Yeah, I know that. Still doesn’t make me a bad mom to want to do something for me every once and a while.
 Here at home I have started a Mom’s Night Out event on our local Facebook page. Two times a month we get together for dinner and relax. Does this make us bad moms? Nope. It makes us better moms. I feel relaxed and myself when I am with these women and I find that when I come home I am more relaxed with my son. 

 Do you ever feel, as a mom, you have lost yourself? Ido. I feel like I have lost what made me, me. Now I’m not saying that it’s all bad. I may have lost some of who I was but I have become something more too. I became the mom to an amazing boy. Yet every now andthen I feel like I am drowning in a sea of expectation and laundry. The few times I go out without my son and husband help me press a reset button. When I can set all that aside for a few hours and enjoy the company and conversation of women who are exactly whereI am. 
So, thank you husband for giving me that time and thank you friends for the laughs.

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