Heartbeats in Mississippi

In July of this year the women of my state will have someone telling us what we can do with our bodies. Or more importantly what we can’t do. We are no longer in control of our own cells. In July the state now says no abortion may be preformed at 6 weeks and beyond. I didn’t even know I was pregnant at 6 weeks!

 This doesn’t make any concessions for incest or rape. 
Say that last sentence to yourself again. 
Let’s take a side trip on this topic real quick. In the state of Mississippi we have no laws on maternity leave. So if a 19 year old is working at a fast food joint to save money for college and gets pregnant she has to have the child. Do you think they will hold her job for her? I don’t see that happening. So now she has anotherdecision to make: keep the child or put it up for adoption. Now I can hear most of y’all saying “well, adoption is better than abortion.” Let’s explore that option shall we? As of right now we have around 1,500 kids waiting to be adopted in our state. That is a ton of kids. So this girls baby has a very slim chance of being adopted and a very good chance of just being bounced to foster home after foster home. 
Here is where I stand. A woman should have every right to her body. The second government in any form starts telling you what to do then we have taken a step back. They call this a “heartbeat bill” because if it hasa beating heart then it is alive. I disagree. I can make heart tissue beat in a lab plate. Is that plate alive? No it’s not. How about brain activity? Now I say yes. When neurons are making connections then we have life. Yet it’s still the woman’s choice what to do with it. I weep for my state and what is to become of the women and ultimately the children. I wish there was a second law for men on what they could and couldn’t do with their sperm. All the potential children. Why shouldn’t there be laws in place to protect them. Oh, that’s right because men can’t stand anyone telling them whatto do. 

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