I let my child cuss

Let me just say I am from the South. And not your sort of South. I am from the Deep South. Where I grew up if you went further South you were in the Gulf of Mexico. We are all magnolias and manners here. I also have a mouth that will make a sailor blush and I let my 7 year old cuss. What can I say? Call me an enigma. 

  Why do we give power to words? I have always be fascinated by the way some words are held in reverence to others. I personally refuse to let a word hurt me.Hell, most of the population can’t even use the wordscorrectly!! I refuse to give something with 4 letters in itthe keys to my emotions. Some will say it’s just bad manners but not me. I want to see how creative you can be with your words. 
   Now to the boy child I let cuss. Does he do it often?Nope. The last time he did it we were putting away groceries. He dropped a can on his foot. The word shit made a strong showing that day. Now flash forward to a day ago. I dropped a metal cup on my foot. The word shit made a strong showing then too. Conclusion? We need to hang on to stuff better! No, really the conclusion is that the world didn’t stop spinning just because we cursed. 
   So stop giving words power they don’t deserve. I’mnot just talking curse words, I’m talking hate words. I’m talking about the voice inside you saying you aren’tgood enough. Stop giving those words power! And for goodness sake stop being offended by every little word. It just makes it easier for people to rattle you. 

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