When something is just funny

Have you ever found something on social media and it was just funny? So you post it because it made you laugh. Then someone has to comment on it. Always. So here is what made this blog post possible: 

It’s funny to me!! Why?? I have anxiety. I live with it everyday. It started after college when life was coming at me FAST. I got to the point I would have anxiety so bad I couldn’t move, speak, hear or see. Think about that for a second. Think about being in the middle of Walmart with your child and you have an anxiety episode. I have been there. 
Now here is the good part. Someone looked at this and instead of thinking about the week that had gone on before I posted this. They took it to mean them. 
Like you haven’t known me for 11 years. But I guess you really don’t know me at all. If you did you would know that a week like the one we had really did take it out of me. You would know what kind of anxiety I  had going into meetings new people in a new place. You would know I am outgoing but I need time to recharge. You would also know that if I had something tosay to you I would fucking say it.
Next time you try to make it all about how you “love me anyway” just keep it to yourself. That phrase gets to me “love me anyway”. Like I love you even when you try to express how you are feeling. Like I am queen of all and can forgive your faults. Um…… thanks? But no thanks. You can keep your “love”. 

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