Dear random Facebook bully

I originally wrote this post over a year ago. Back then it had to do with gun control and a very biased study done on the subject. In response to me asking questions that made the original poster of the study think, they blocked me on social media and then badmouthed me to everyone we knew. It was comical in the way this person acted. The following blog post was my response to them.

Dear random Facebook bully, 

 I am sorry about what I did yesterday.
I know making you think outside the box you have put yourself in is scary and new. Sorry about making you look at a different viewpoint than your own. I know that had to hurt your inflated sense of self. 
 Great tactic by the way of blocking me from a Facebook group designed to get kids together to play. I know you originally made the page and like a kid with hurt feelings you snatched your possession away and stormed off. Hey, I am raising a kid I know how it goes.
The difference is I correct my child’s behavior. 
 Now let’s talk about the bad mouthing that went on. We are not in high school anymore. 
Wait, you know that right?
Okay, just checking. 
Because the way you handled it was amazing.
Amazingly bad.
You go around and talk behind my back telling people who knows what except here is the thing, I have know y’all less than a year. That little stunt showed me all I need to know about a lot of people at once so thank you for that.
Anyone who has actually gone to the effort of knowing me told me what was happening. They talked to me all yesterday about it. They are the ones I will always be happy to call friends. 
 To the others that got a thrill out of the drama and loved every minute of it may I suggest a hobby?
Because honestly y’all need to do something other than talk about an overweight mom of one like it’s going to solve world peace.
I’m going to need y’all to think back on yesterday. How much time did you spend going over a scuffle you had no real first hand knowledge of? Also how many got told stuff that I “said” months ago? So your “friend” knew months ago but just now told you when her feelings got hurt? Seems logical. 
 Now for an invitation:
I welcome anyone to ask questions.
About this.
About life.
About my views.
See, I live outside a pretty little box. I have been raised to see that people can think differently and challenge each other and still be friends.
So ask away. 
Let’s learn from each other and grow.

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