When death is coming

How do you feel about death? To me it’s just a part ofpaying the price for living. I am good with it. Do I like it? Nope, but I know it’s coming. 

So how the Hell did I get on this topic? The other day I was making final arrangements for my dog. He is a 9year old Doberman and he is going downhill at a steady pace. His vet and I have an end of life plan and I have started the paperwork with a local pet crematorium. I have had him all his life and it guts me to make these plans. But I love him so I do it. That’s what got me thinking on this topic. 
Death happens all the time and no one likes to talk about it. Why not? Yes it’s sad blah blah blah. However if we talk about it I feel like it takes some of the “scary” away from it, some of the stigma of being “something we don’t talk about”. We need to ask the people around us how they want their final days to be, what they want said about them, where and how they want their body treated. It takes stress off the family left and gives a small bit of peace to the person. 
Here is my plan: 
Don’t put me on a vent 
Cremate me
Scatter me in the prettiest water you can find
Have an open bar at my memorial service 
Make it a party not a sad thing
Make sure there is good food
Now, go live the rest of your life wide open. 

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