Re-wild yourself

How many witches do I have here? Now I am not talking about the bubble, bubble toil and trouble kinda gals. I am talking about the women who find their magic doing something many call old fashioned. Example: my great aunt was a kitchen witch. She could whip up a meal faster than most could order takeout. She never had to follow a recipe and she went by feel as towhen something was done in the oven. My grandmother was a garden witch. She could make anything grow. It was amazing to see what she would plant every year. I myself am more of a health witch. I love making bath bombs and scents that make a person feel better and loved. 

I have always felt that society pressures make many reluctant to find their wild. Like all we need to do is look pretty and boom! Instant love from everyone. I can see the pull in that. However does it really make you happy? Here is the thing. To fully live your life you needto find something that makes you smile. You need to find your “craft”. Already found it? Good!! Go find a sister that needs some help finding hers!! 

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