Seed starting in recycled materials

I love taking old stuff and making something new with it. For this project I took old strawberry clamshells and made little greenhouses with them. It’s a great way to start seeds inside for transplant later. I start with some pea gravel, soil, the clamshell and an egg flat. The egg flat is what your... Continue Reading →

Dear Mom,

I know in the 37 years I have been your daughter that we have not always seen eye to eye. We have had our ups and downs like everyone else. But I wanted to say.... Thank you. Thank you for always having my back even when you did it behind the scenes. I know I... Continue Reading →

Not an artist

I am not an artist in the painting sense. I couldn’t paint you a straight line to save my life. But I love to paint. So many times in life people want perfection from themselves instantly. It’s like we have lost the ability to give ourselves the permission to suck at a certain thing till... Continue Reading →

Doing it scared

See this picture? This is me being scared. How is this me being scared you ask? Because this shirt is about my blog. My brand if you will. And my brand is me. Everything from this blog to Facebook to Instagram to YouTube is me. This whole idea was built on showing real life things.... Continue Reading →

Nature walk treasure hunt

I found this really cool natrue walk treasure hunt list on Facebook the other day. If you search for The Crosby Arboretum on Facebook you can find the worksheet there. I emailed it to myself and today took my son to one of our small nature trails to see how many things we could find.... Continue Reading →

Watercolor painting

In our house we love art. We love getting dirty in a project and seeing where it takes us. So when I came across a neat watercolor project I was like lets do it!! First you will need: watercolor paper, kitchen sponges, rubber bands and cardboard big enough for your paper to fit on. We... Continue Reading →

Small beauty in the everyday

These past five weeks have been hard. We have been at home with no access to friends or family except by phone or social media. I know there are thousands of people in our same situation. It’s crazy and depressing and I am ready for it to be over. I know y’all are too. My... Continue Reading →

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